What you Need to Know about Disability Vehicles

Many people have transformed their lives by buying disability vehicles like a scooter or a powered wheelchair. Investing in a mobility vehicle can greatly improve the lives of anyone who is struggling with getting out and about. Such an investment can help improve their level of independence and confidence. Here are a few tips that can help you make an informed decision:

What products are available?

Scooters are the commonest form of disability vehicles. They have three or four wheels and are steered using a handle bar. Scooters at this homepage are powered by a battery, and they have controls on the handle bar to regulate the speed of the vehicle. Besides they are also fitted with lights and a horn. Some models of scooters have been fitted with a basket which can be used for transporting shopping. There is a wide range of models and sizes of scooters. Some are large and four wheeled and they are fitted with waterproof covers whereas others are small and portable and they are designed to be used in places like shopping malls. Most of the small scooters can be folded away while the big ones can be dismantled into sizeable parts to make them manageable during transportation.

Powered wheelchairs
Powered wheel chairs are battery operated and they have between four and six wheels. They have a steering and their speed is controlled by a joystick. There are many different models and styles which range from styles which are like the traditional wheelchair but have a motor to those that are more high tech and are fortified with many extras to increase their comfort and safety. Some of the additional features in powered wheelchairs include adjustable and reclining seats, lights and elevating leg rests. Others have feature curb climbing devices which enable the user to move up and down a curb with ease. Learn more about disability vehicle at http://www.ehow.com/how_7266635_transfer-wheelchair-car-seat.html .

Assess your needs
Before choosing your vehicle, you should carefully assess what you intend to use it for. If you are looking for a convenient means to enable you to go for shopping, you should consider buying a small foldable scooter. This would, however, not be suitable for use in muddy conditions and uneven ground. Some of the factors you should consider before buying a disability car is where you will store it, whether you will need to transport it by car as well as the terrain that you will be using it in.
Before making your purchase, take time to shop around to see which deals are available and discuss your needs with an expert at https://www.motoringmobility.com.au/ .